Keanu Reeves talks first impressions of the new Matrix script
Keanu Reeves attended the premiere of Semper Fi, and took the opportunity to talk about his first impression of the new Matrix movie's script.

While attending the premiere of Semper Fi, Keanu Reeves revealed what he thought of the new Matrix movie when he first read the script.

Keanu Reeves Matrix script
(Image source: YouTube/ Entertainment Tonight)

Reeves appeared at the premiere of the new movie Semper Fi. The movie revolves around passionate cop Cal who plans to break his half-brother out of jail with the help of his friends. The movie stars Leighton Meester, Jai Courtney, Nat Wolff, Finn Wittrock and Arturo Castro.

Reeves showed up at the red carpet to support his sister. Immediately, he was faced with questions about the new Matrix script for the upcoming film. Entertainment Tonight reporter Nischelle Turner asked him if he had read the script. He said, “Yeah!”

She then asked him if he likes where Neo is in the script. Reeves replied, “Absolutely. It’s very ambitious, as it should be.”


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Reeves declined to say more, even though Turner asked him why he was being so low-key about this. His sister chimed in to say she was also very excited about the moment.

Watch the moment right here:

Turner then asked Reeves how it felt to be supporting his sister at her event. Reeves said, “It’s very awesome to be here and to be invited. It’s such a great accomplishment and it’s a wonderful film.”

His sister chimed in, “And it’s MY red carpet!” She then laughingly added, “He’s always been so supportive and so protective of me doing my own thing, and that I always really appreciate. And it was fun to have family here.”

The brother-sister duo were asked if the two were close as kids. Miller said, “I’m 12 years younger than he is, so when he was doing teenage things, I was in diapers.”

“But we’re catching up,” Reeves added.

Keanu Reeves Matrix script
(Image source: YouTube/ Entertainment Tonight)

Miller then also revealed that Reeves was the star of the night when he would come to her high school productions. She said, “I went to an all girls private school, and the first time I directed a play, he came. I think it was right after Speed. Someone ran down the stairs and yelled, your brother is here and I think they’ve heard him!”

Reeves told his sister, “But your talent was evident, your talent was so evident!”

(Image source: YouTube/ Entertainment Tonight)

Turner then challenged the siblings with the fun question of who was more likely to bail the other one out of trouble. Miller immediately said, “I’m way more organized.”

“But I still might get the job done,” Reeves pointed out.

“That’s true. I would plan it really well and you would execute it,” Miller conceded.

Reeves told her, “You know what, I’d get caught and you wouldn’t,” adding, “You’d bail me because I would get caught but if you did it, you wouldn’t get caught.”

“Or I’d just use you as a distraction,” Miller remarked.

(Image source: YouTube/ Entertainment Tonight)

Semper Fi releases on October 4, 2019.

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