Jennifer Lopez Responds to In-Flight Support From Fan
Jennifer Lopez responds to her fan's viral support during a flight by giving him some love: "You can be my backup dancer any day."

Jennifer Lopez even offered for him to be her backup dancer!

Jennifer Lopez's Hustlers look
(Image source: Instagram/ Jennifer Lopez)

Self-professed Lopez backup dancer Joseph Longo tweeted this morning, “In honor of JLO’s #GoldenGlobes nomination this morning, I WILL make sure everyone watches Hustlers on this flight.” In another tweet, he wrote, “Hey @JetBlue, there are definitely Oscar voters on this NY to LA flight. Please let me make an announcement!”

He wrote a third tweet, “A @JetBlue pilot read my plea that passengers watch Hustlers in honor of @JLo’s #GoldenGlobes nom. I called myself The Backup JLo, but I guess I’m her backup dancer. The friendly skies supports our Fly Girl!”

One person replied to his tweet thread, saying, “Dude why? There’s too many negative reviews on it and if I was sitting next to you I’d say no :\” Another person said, “I bet the bathroom was busy the whole flight.” Yet another person wrote, “If it is true that everyone gets to be famous for 15 minutes, you wasted yours.”

Another person wrote, “Hustlers was one of the worst movies i have ever seen.”

“Now if she could only act…” yet another person said.

Despite the haters, Joseph got the love he wanted from Queen JLo herself. She replied to his tweet, writing, “This is amazing!!!!!!! You can be my backup dancer any day. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! @josephlongo_ @JetBlue.”

Jennifer Lopez talks Selena Quintanilla
(Image source: Instagram/Jennifer Lopez)

Jennifer Lopez also took to Instagram to talk about her recognition for Hustlers. She wrote, “Could not be prouder to be recognized by the HFPA. Ramona was a complicated character and it was an honor and challenge to bring her to life. Hustlers was a labor of love, sweat and perseverance written, directed, produced, edited and starring a group of bad-ass women. I am proud and honored to represent them and this film!!!!”

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In 1998, Lopez was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy) for her role in Selena.

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