Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Actor John Wesley Dies At 72
The actor lost his battle with cancer and passed away on September 8. Not many details about John Wesley's death are known yet!

The actor played the role of Dr. Hoover in the episode, The Mother of All Battles.

john wesley
(Image Source: Twitter/ Hollywood Women’s Film Festival)

The actor appeared alongside Will Smith in the sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He played the role of Dr. Hoover. According to his family, Wesley died after his long battle with multiple myeloma. It is a type of blood cancer.

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His manager and producer, Gerry Pass confirmed the news to Variety in the following statement:


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“John Wesley was a gift to the world, for his kindness and grace are immortalised in his works of theatre, TV, and film. I am heartbroken to have lost a dear friend today.”

The actor also served in the United States Army during the Vietnam war. John Wesley completed his studies from the University of California, San Diego and the University of San Diego, according to IMDB.

wesley dies
(Image Source: Twitter/ Hollywood Women’s Film Festival)

Wesley has been part of more than 100 films and television shows. His works include NCIS, Hart of Dixie, Baywatch, Switched at Birth and many others.

He has worked alongside a lot of famous personalities. They include Denzel Washington, Robert Guillaume, James Spader, Tim Burton, James Earl Jones, Michael Apted, Barbra Streisand, Morgan Freeman, and Chuck Norris.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “the late actor is survived by his wife, Jenny Houston; his mother, Hazel Baskin; his daughters, Kimiko Kamiel Houston and Kinshasha Houston; stepson, Kyler Richie.” Also, his siblings and grandchildren.

John Wesley
John Wesley dies at 72. (Image Source: Instagram/ R.I.Ps)

May he rest in peace!


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