Donald Trump Jr Reflects on The View and Clash with Joy Behar
Donald Trump Jr appeared on The View for what turned out to be a heated discussion after he got into it with Joy Behar about blackface.

Donald Trump Jr talked about his appearance on The View later that same day.

Donald Trump Jr The View
(Image source: Instagram/ Donald Trump Jr)

During the show, host Joy Behar listed some of the President’s controversial behavior. His son responded, “We’ve all done things that we regret, I mean, if we’re talking about bringing a discourse down, Joy, you’ve worn blackface.”

“No I have not,” Behar responded.

Trump then attacked Whoopi Goldberg, saying, “You said that Roman Polanski – it wasn’t ‘rape-rape’ when he raped a child.” Goldberg responded by defending Behar, saying, “No, she was not in blackface. Listen, being black, I recognize blackface, this I can say.”


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After the debacle, Trump’s team posted a photo of Behar with the caption, “Here’s the picture of @TheView’s Joy Behar in blackface.” He also posted a meme about his experience on Insagram with the caption, “If you invite me to talk about a book and then do nothing but attack me and my family don’t think I’m going to take it lying down. Good times! Have a great #weekend folks.”

Donald Trump Jr The View
(Image source: Instagram/ Donald Trump Jr)

Donald Trump Jr appeared later on The Hannity. He said, “They were obviously triggered. I don’t think they like me much anymore.”

When asked why he bothered to make the appearance at all, he said, “You know, every once in a while you got to try. You gotta try to speak to everyone. Hopefully they listen. In that case, they didn’t.”

He added,”You would think if you were invited on a show, and they build it up, and they’re giving you three segments – you’d think, if you there to promote a book, they’d ask you one question about the actual book.” He was on the show to pomote his book Triggered alongside his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle.

(Image source: Instagram/ Donald Trump Jr)

During the show, Trump Jr and the hosts also discussed his tweets about the federal whistleblower.


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