David Tennant To Play Necrophiliac Serial Killer in Upcoming Drama
David Tennant will play the mass murderer who used to throw his victims body parts down the drain in order to dispose off the bodies.

David Tennant is set to play serial killer Dennis Nilsen in ITV’s new drama Des. The Broadchurch star has also released the first photo of himself as the murderer.

david tennant as dennis
David Tennant as the necrophiliac serial killer Dennis Nilsen. (Image Source: Instagram/ ITV)

The first image of Tennant as the serial killer has also been released. In the photo, the Scottish actor bears a striking resemblance to Nilsen as he poses for a mugshot.

Nilsen, who was also known as the Muswell Hill Murderer, was known for murdering a number of young boys from 1978 to 1983. He was convicted on two counts of attempted murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. The serial killer died in prison in May 2018 at the age of 72.

dennis nilsen
Dennis Nilsen is said to have killed at least 12 boys. (Image Source: Instagram/ Kittysonthecase)

The Doctor Who star will be joined by Line Of Duty actor Daniel Mays and The Crown‘s Jason Watkins. Mays will play Detective Chief Inspector Peter Jay, who arrested Dennis after an investigation. While Watkins will star as Brian Masters, the biographer on whose novel ‘Killing For Company’ the drama is based.


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The Head of Drama at ITV, Polly Head, said in a statement, “This drama starts with Nilsen’s arrest and is looking at him through the eyes of the police officer trying to identify those he killed and deliver justice for them and the biographer he chose to tell his story.”

david tennant
(Image Source: Instagram/ David Tennant)

Adding, “David Tennant is going to be brilliant as Dennis Nilsen and with Daniel Mays as Jay and Jason Watkins as Brian, this has an incredible cast to bring this story to screen ad we are delighted to be making this with New Pictures for ITV.”

The production for the show has begun and it will air in 2020.


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