Cody Simpson Denies Cheating on Miley Cyrus After Spotted With Model
Cody Simpson was also rumored to be seen kissing Jordy Murray in New York City and then were later spotted together again during a walk.

Cody Simpson was accused of cheating on his girlfriend Miley Cyrus after the singer was spotted hanging out with Playboy’s December 2019 Playmate Jordy Murray.

(Image source: Instagram/ Miley Cyrus)

However, Cody has denied the cheating rumors on Twitter. He explained, “We are all gossiping our way into ignorance, attempting to relieve ourselves of the concern that we are really swirling into oblivion on a burning planet. If only we gave more thought to how we may possibly save our earth and less to the trivialities of celebrity culture.”

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“Gossip outlets are the plague of journalism,” Simpson further added. “If more people concerned themselves with literature and not the poison of the mind that is most news columns we’d maybe be in a better place as a society.”

On Monday, his representatives also released a statement saying, “There is absolutely no truth to this story. Cody went out with a friend and all the rest is fabricated. Period.”

Fans believed that the couple broke up just before the holidays after Miley Cyrus posted on social media about being lonely. The 27-year-old wrote, “A sad Christmas song I wrote a few years back right before the holidays. Was feeling like sh-t cause I couldn’t be with the one I loved. Even with a house full of family and friends I still felt alone.”

cody simpson and miley cyrus
(Image source: Instagram/ Miley Cyrus)

The Wrecking Ball singer further added, “In ways that still feels relevant and someone reading this right now could possibly relate! If you feel lonely this season just know YOU ARE COMPLETELY MADE OF MAGIC! You are as special as a snowflake , beautifully unique and I hope inside your soul feels light, hope , peace , and joy knowing how singularly amazing YOU are! Love always wins!”

Furthermore, Cody Simpson’s sister Alli Simpson also confirmed that Cody and Miley were still together. While talking to Daily Mail Australia she revealed, “Yes, they’re together for sure.” She also confirmed that Cody and Jordy Murray are just friends by saying, “She [Jordy] is his best friend, Ryan McCarthy’s girlfriend of a few years. He’s visiting him for a couple days.”

Miley Cyrus started dating Cody Simpson back in October. After her divorce with Liam Hemsworth, she started going out with Kaitlynn Carter. However, that relationship lasted only for a month. Cody and Miley got in a relationship not long after her breakup with Carter.

miley and kaitlynn
(Image Source: Instagram/ Unmiley)

Miley Cyrus has not commented on the breakup and cheating rumors yet.


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