Chrissy Teigen's "heart stopped" when Trump tweeted about her foul mouth
Chrissy Teigen's "heart stopped" when President Donald Trump tweeted about her, referring to her as John Legend's "foul mouthed wife."

President Trump recently tweeted about Chrissy Teigen’s foul mouth. The model revealed her “heart stopped” when she first saw the screenshots of the tweet.

(Image source: YouTube/ The Ellen Show)

Teigen recently appeared on The Ellen Show. The topic of conversation instantly became President Trump’s recent tweets about Teigen and her husband John Legend.

Teigen told DeGeneres, “My heart stopped because at that moment you know that you’re about to get just the wildest group of people ever. He just went in — he called John a ‘boring musician’ and his ‘filthy mouthed wife.’ Which, those two things are true. John is boring, I do have a filthy mouth.”

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend attend “Turn Me Loose” at Wallis Annenberg Center on October 19, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

On 8 September, Trump tweeted, “When all of the people pushing so hard for Criminal Justice Reform were unable to come even close to getting it done, they came to me as a group and asked for my help. I got it done with a group of Senators & others who would never have gone for it. Obama couldn’t come close. A man named @VanJones68, and many others, were profusely grateful (at that time!). I SIGNED IT INTO LAW, no one else did, & Republicans deserve much credit. “


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He added, But now that it is passed, people that had virtually nothing to do with it are taking the praise. Guys like boring musician @johnlegend, and his filthy mouthed wife, are talking now about how great it is – but I didn’t see them around when we needed help getting it passed.

(Image source: YouTube/ The Ellen Show)

He concluded, “They only talk about the minor players, or people that had nothing to do with it…And the people that so desperately sought my help when everyone else had failed, all they talk about now is Impeaching President Trump.”

Legend then responded to Trump’s tweet. He wrote, “Imagine being president of a whole country and spending your Sunday night hate-watching MSNBC hoping somebody—ANYBODY—will praise you. Melania, please praise this man.  He needs you. Your country needs you, Melania.”

LeBron James
U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump depart the White House in Washington D.C., the United States, on March 19, 2018. (Xinhua/Ting Shen)

Teigen also said in the interview that Trump is a “p***y a*s b***h” because he tagged everyone but her in her tweets. Since President Trump blocked her ages ago, he could not have tagged her. Teigen also said she could not view Trump’s tweets herself, and had to rely on screenshots to see what the President was saying about her.

She said, “I just got all these phone alerts. I was like, ‘Something’s happening.’ So I go on Twitter to see it, but I’m still blocked, so I’ve no idea what he said. Someone had to send me screenshots.”

Her and Legend then had to spend all night trying to compose their responses in the funniest possible way. They came up with p***y a*s b***h, and Teigen said, “We’re still working on how to copyright the correct term.”

(Image source: YouTube/ The Ellen Show)

Chrissy Teigen’s full response to what President Trump tweeted about her can be found right here.


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