Cardi B Recalls Sexual Harassment on Magazine Shoot Set
Cardi B recalls her own #MeToo incident in the hip hop sphere when she was sexually harassed on a magazine shoot set: "I will never forget".

Cardi B opens about sexual harassment and #MeToo in the hip hop sphere on Untold Stories of Hip Hop.

Cardi B Sexual Harassment
Cardi B attends her 3rd Annual Diamond Ball at Cipriani Wall Street on September 14, 2017 in NYC. (ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images)

The rapper opened up about her experience to WE’s Untold Stories of Hip Hop’s host Angie Martinez. She said she did not think the harassment in hip hop was adequately explored in #MeToo. In doing so, she talked about when she was harassed on a magazine photo shoot.

She said, “I will never forget how I went to shoot for this magazine and like the photographer, he was trying to get close to me. Like, ‘Yeah, you want to get into this magazine?’ And he pulled his d**k out. I was so fucking mad.”

She said she had to abruptly leave the scene after that. However, she made sure to let the magazine owner know. She said, You know what’s so crazy? I told the magazine owner, and he just looked at me like, ‘So? And?’ When I see the #MeToo movement, there’s girls from the ‘hood, I know they went through the same type of treatment. … It happens really every day.”


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Cardi B Sexual Harassment
(Image source: Instagram/ Cardi B)

The Bodak Yellow rapper has previously addressed how the harassment of “women whose sexuality is at the forefront of their commercial appeal” is ignored.

She said, “A lot of video vixens have spoke about this, and nobody gives a f**k. When I was trying to be a vixen, people were like, ‘You want to be on the cover of this magazine?’ Then they pull their d**ks out. I bet if one of these women stands up and talks about it, people are going to say, ‘So what? You’re a h**. It don’t matter.’”

The rapper said she does not get bothered anymore, explaining, “Oh hell no. I’ll put you on blast on my Instagram.”

Watch Cardi B’s statements about sexual harassment in the hip hop industry right here:

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