Amber Gill Breaks Silence on Social Media After Split From Greg O'Shea
The 22-year-old Love Island winner, Amber Gill, of the 2019 series is appearantly mending her broken heart in London after split from the Irish hunk.

“Amber needs pizza, and ice cream, and love.”

Amber Gill
(Image source: Instagram/Amber Gill)

The reality show winner, spoke about her heartbreak for the first time since her split from Greg O’Shea after five weeks of dating. The Irish hunk reportedly dumped Amber through a text message on Friday.

Amber was furious at trolls who had blamed her good friend, Anna Vakili and her sister Mandi for saying they were not letting her “heal in peace”. She took to her Instagram story to address the comments.

“This woman is the best friend I could ever wish for she supports me 100%, She has made me feel so good over these past few days and these comments need to stop,” Amber wrote.


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Amber Gill on Social Media
(Image source: Instagram/Amber Gill)

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She added, “I’m happy so why’s everyone else so bothered. She’s trying to make me happy not you so go about your business please.” Moreover, she possibly threw a shade at her ex by posting a photo with Anna and writing, “the realest relationship to come out of the villa” in the caption.

Amber Gill about friendship with Anna Vakili
(Image source: Instagram/Amber Gill)
Amber Gill and Anna Vakili
(Image source: Instagram/Amber Gill)

Anna Vakili also released a statement on her Instagram story saying, she “had enough of this constant attack of hating bulls**t at me and Mandi.”

She continued, “It’s crazy if anything Amber is SOOO lucky to have the KRAMP twins around her, we give her love, support and a place to stay.

“I’m the best friend any of you could have. All I can put this down to is racism towards us because we are Iranian and don’t have the kind of support system as other ethnicities in this country which is sad so we are targeted by others and even our own because we are easy victims to prey on,” Anna wrote.

Amber Gill Love Island 2019 winner
(Image source: Instagram/Amber Gill)

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Anna and Mandi threw a pizza party for their close friend in attempt to cheer her up. “We’re having a girls night in, as usual. Here comes the fat comments and the fat DMs. But Amber needs pizza and ice-cream and love,” Mandi moved the camera across their pizza haul.

Additionally, Mandi joked, “For everyone saying I’m f**king clout-chasing… That’s my clout to chase! Do you not understand? That’s like me saying why are you eating your mum’s cooking, cook your own food. But that’s your mum’s food! You’re going to eat your mum’s food – that’s my food if it’s Anna’s food!”

Anna Vakili and Mandi
(Image source: Instagram/ Anna Vakili)

Greg O’Shea broke up with Anna after just 5 weeks of dating.

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