Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin Open Up About Their Miscarriage
Hilaria Baldwin has always been open about her pregnancy journey and shared an emotional post with her followers after both her miscarriages.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin opened up about their second miscarriage of the year. The couple announced their pregnancy in September.

(Image source: Instagram/ Hilaria Baldwin)

The couple stepped out for the first time on Thursday after announcing their devastating news. They attended the American Museum of Natural History Gala in New York City.

Walking the red carpet, Hilaria Baldwin told Entertainment Tonight, “I’m doing as best as you can. I’m much better than I was last week and coming out and talking about it and sharing I think has been very healing for me.”

The 35-year-old further added, “I have got a very good husband who has been there with me the whole time. Bringing me into the surgery, sort of being there when I wake up.”


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(Image source: Instagram/ Hilaria Baldwin)

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“I believe, when you go through something difficult, the sooner you make it into something real, you can do something with it. And it was something that you don’t want to be real,” Baldwin said. “I kept on waking up and thinking it was a bad dream and it wasn’t but the more that you talk about it, the more you make it real, and when it’s real, then you can work on it.”

However, the Baldwins are prepared to keep trying for more kids in the future. Alec Baldwin also shared, “If you have kids, and if you’re like us, sometimes you feel like you can’t stop having kids. Every time we have them, we’re like, “This is great. Let’s have more!”

alec and hilaria baldwin
(Image source: Instagram/ Hilaria Baldwin)

With Hilaria adding, “We can’t end on that note. I don’t want to. At least, we’re trying not to end on that note. Cause that was a sad note.”

To which Alec responded, “Yeah, we’re gonna have another one. We’re gonna have another one.”

Hilaria Baldwin was expecting her fifth child with the SNL star. She shared the news of the tragic loss via Instagram. She wrote, “We are very sad to share that today we learned that our baby passed away at 4 months. We also want you to know that even though we are not ok right now, we will be. We are so lucky with our 4 healthy babies—and we will never lose sight of this.”

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The couple also suffered a miscarriage back in April.


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