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This Young Girl's Lupus Causes Her Skin to Peel in the Sun!
Jokiva Ballard, 23, suffers from a rare kind of Lupus. The incredible young girl isn't afraid as she welcomes her peeling skin wholeheartedly in public. Beautiful!
Christmas Brows
This Christmas Up Your Eyebrow Game with CHRISTMAS BROWS!
The makeup world has witnessed different brow trends and this Christmas the makeup gurus have come up with yet another trend, the Christmas brows!
22-Year-Old Boy Suffering from OCD Sells His Soul to the Devil!
Brandon, 22, is dealing with a very rare kind of OCD known as Scrupulosity - a condition that focuses on religious perfectionism. His revealed how OCD made him so paranoid that he sold his soul to Satan!
model with prosthetic leg
Model with Prosthetic Leg doesn’t Let Her Disability Affect Her Career!
Zainab Mohammad from United Kindom was born with a rare defect which led her to extreme harassment and depression. The 17-year-old is a now a superb poet, artist, and a model with prosthetic leg!