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Just Fashion Now (UK)
11 everyday essentials every woman has in her handbag

A woman's handbag has always been one of the greatest secrets for men. For ages, they have questioned how women manage to lug around such heavy objects filled with mysterious day to day essentials. Not anymore! Today, we finally unveil the contents of a woman's bag.

10 Effective Stretches You Can Do At Home to Burn Fat

While working out at home, most people tend to focus on cardio and high-intensity workouts. While these are great, there is an important aspect many often forget: stretches.

Man's Rectum Falls Out After Sitting on the Toilet for 30 Minutes

Do you spend too much time sitting on the toilet? Be warned, because your rectum could fall! This man's anus fell off of his body while he was sitting on the toilet, playing games on his phone for half an hour.