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Get The Whole Story Of Hercules In Just Four Pictures- A.Z Productions Cosplay Will Win Your Hearts!

by Kiran

You must have seen a lot of Disney inspired Cosplays, both on social media or at Disney conventions! The idea behind it is to bring two dimensional art forms into 3D space.

Characters of cosplay mostly revolve around manga comics, anime, video games, TV/web series, and story books.

Cosplayers dressed as Megara and Hades. (Source: A.Z Production Cosplay Photography Facebook page)

Nowadays, A.Z Production Cosplay’s Hercules characters are making headlines. They posted four images through which you can get the whole story of Hercules! And this is both interesting as well as unique.

So, after following their work since long, we finally contacted them and got a sneak of their journey.


Cosplayers during the shoot. (Source: A.Z Production Cosplay Photography)

Here is what 31-year-old Mikhail Davydov told us, “European cosplay community is relatively young and not so big as it in asia or US. Therefore everyone knows or at least saw almost everyone’s cosplays through the Internet media. Leo (Leobane Cosplay, France) made his Hercules long time ago and it was one of the first his cosplays. Stephanie (Symphonia Cosplay, Germany) crafted Merara’s cosplay in 2016 by design of Hannah Alexander and it immediately became one of her most successful cosplays so far.”

He further said that Europe is not that big, but cosplayers from one country hardly cross the borders. It’s simply because the majority of cosplayers have a 40 hours a week jobs or they have to study. So they have only weekends and evenings to craft cosplays and travel.

Hercules Cosplay

Hercules inspired cosplay. (Source: Facebook page of A.Z Production Cosplay Photography)

Almost Two years back a group of cosplay photography enthusiasts started an amazing event – Fotocon in a little Polish town. What makes it special is that unlike most of the other conventions it’s main goal is cosplay photography.

And this means that there are no gaming company booths, no mechanize trades, no movie celebrities. There are no regular visitors either! People who do cosplay or makeup and the ones who take pictures or make videos of them are the only ones who join this convention.

Luckily Stephanie and Leo decided to go to Fotocon the same year and it was just a matter to bring the same costumes and agree on a shooting! But they didn’t have any Hades. And no one who was going to Fotocon had this cosplay done. Stephanie asked René (Videos Cosplay, Germany) to participate and along with him they prepared costume, wig and found an amazing makeup artist (Kinga Kunz Makeup, Poland).

For René Hades was an ideal character as he prefers dark moody characters and god of death is definitely one of them. Using the provided Fotocon location map they found a gorgeous spot for their scenes in woods with a little forest stream and waterfall.

On the day of our photo shooting at around mid day our models met with makeup artist. It took them around 5 hours to do a makeup for Hercules and Megara and then sculpt nose and brows and make all the body painting for Hades. No-one anticipate that it will take so much time. At the end we were almost 2 hours late from our schedule. Time was critical for everyone just because the next day morning Stephanie and René had to go to work and before that drive for 4 hours in the night to Berlin.

After makeup was done, which by the way took a lot of time, they drove from Wlen to the location and then went fully dressed through the forest to the exact spot. Usually the weather over there is terrible and it almost constantly rains. And this made everyone worry that their makeup will be washed away, but luckily there were not a single drop that time.

While talking about his experience Mikhail Davydov further said:

“We all like Disney’s Hercules and all these talented people came to the same convention. It would be a shame to miss that opportunity and not recreate these scenes from Hercules in real life. That’s what cosplay is about.”

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