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Pole dancer films a koala bear breaking into her Brisbane home and dancing on her pole!

by Nayab

Little furry koalas have been wreaking havoc all around Queensland recently. As if jaywalking, theft and destruction of public property were not enough, the tiny intruders have started breaking into people’s homes to pole dance!

Nikki Erickson is a competitive pole dancer who filmed such an incident and has just made the video public.


Larissa and Nikki made awkward eye contact. (Image Source: YouTube)


She looked a little bit confused. (Image Source: YouTube)

Imagine her surprise when she arrived home from work and found a gray bundle wrapped around the pole in her living room. The koala had its arms and legs securely tied around the silver pole and gazed at Nikki contentedly. For several seconds, it didn’t move and only looked up, down and around in its cute koala way.

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And Larissa took the leap! (Image Source: YouTube)

A few moments later, it suddenly jumped up on the pole and regretted its decision when it slid off at once. It tried again optimistically but achieved the same results. The koala probably did not realize that the pole was not a eucalyptus tree or some sort of tall underbrush that it could hide in. After its hearty attempts failed, the koala sat back down around the pole and seemed to look at Nikki with defeated eyes.


The animal shimmied up the pole at once. (Image Source: YouTube)


And started sliding down quickly. (Image Source: YouTube)

Nikki uploaded the footage online and announced that she had nicknamed the koala Larissa. Initially, she only made the video available to her Facebook friends but her friend Michelle Shimmy convinced her to make it public. Michelle, also a pole dancer, saw the video and said it was ‘one of the most incredible and beautiful pole performances’ she had ever enjoyed. As she predicted, making it public was a good idea; the video has now gone viral!


She didn’t expect the pole to be slippery. (Image Source: YouTube)


Her face looked like instant regret. (Image Source: YouTube)


And she just looked away in defeat. (Image Source: YouTube)

Watch the video here:

Larissa the koala is officially the Internet’s ‘pole dancing koala bear’. However, she is dancing at a different location nowadays. Once Nikki shared the video, she called up the Daisy Hill Koala Conservation Rescue team and had them pick up Larissa from her home. She told Mommyish, “They made sure she was ok and in good condition, then released her. They sent me an email the following day to let me know.”

Social media is enamored with the dancing koala.

While Larissa was released back into the wild, other koalas are still showing up in Australian homes. There has been a severe increase in the number of koala related incidents since last year. Authorities believe this is because their own habitat not being taken care of properly; they are facing conservation problems.

According to Simone Aurino from the Hunter Koala Preservation Soceity, koalas get confused when they land outside their wild. They try to establish their territory but manmade objects such as street lights and telephone poles get in their way and bewilder them. To escape the urban jungle, koalas then launch themselves inside residential areas and feel even more trapped. Recently, two women reported an incident recently in which they found a koala resting on their couch when they came home.

The koala in question was still tame compared to the one that showed up clinging to a streetlight in Brisbane. The nifty animal was also seen pole dancing, just like Larissa. Officers found it to be ‘very stubborn and reluctant to move on’.

“But when police pumped the new Taylor Swift song through the radio he showed his distaste and ditched the pole dancing lesson,” Sergeant Cooke reported.

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