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Adorable and Unlikely Cat & Dog Duo Becomes Instagram Sensation
The most unlikely of best friends, a cat and dog duo called Henry and Baloo, have quickly become Instagram sensations with over half a million followers on the social media!

The most unlikely of best friends, a cat and dog duo called Henry and Baloo, have quickly become Instagram sensations with over half a million followers on the social media!

Henry and Baloo are both rescue animals with a shared love for adventure. Henry is a Shepherd, Husky, Boxer, Staffordshire Terrier and Aussie mix, whereas Baloo is a Siamese mix.

Baloo sleeps comfortably on Henry’s head, the perfect napping spot. (Source: Instagram)

The two animals have also started getting endorsement deals, following their success on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Baloo and Henry are now internet celebrities. (Source: Instagram)

Owners, Cynthia Bennett and Andre Sibilsky are amazed at how their pets have become AN Instagram sensation just overnight. Now, over half a million people are following the two furry Colorado companions on their adventures through the mountains.

The pair have also started getting endorsement deals, following their online popularity.


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Cynthia thinks that Baloo mistakes Henry for his mom. (Source: Instagram)

Baloo and Henry share a very close knit bond and consider each other family. According to their owners, Baloo actually mistakes himself for a dog and they’re pretty sure he thinks Henry is his mom.

Baloo ignores cats and enjoys going on walks with dogs. (Source: Instagram)

The couple adopted Henry back in 2014 when he was just three and a half months old. He quite literally ‘stood out’ at the rescue shelter, as he was five times larger than other puppies the same age.

When Bennett went into his pen to meet him, he immediately warmed up to her, climbing on to her lap and turning belly-side up. That’s when she knew he was the one!

Baloo is popularly seen atop Henry’s head. (Source: Instagram)

The duo is snuggled up in blankets in the mountains, holding a card that says ‘without friends, the world is but wilderness’. (Source: Instagram)

Henry instantly started enjoying the couple’s love for hiking and mountaineering and accompanied them on their first hike just three days after he joined their family. They lovingly call him their “mountain goat” because he loves climbing steep cliffs and mountain sides.

Cynthia initially set up the Instagram account for Henry because she felt she was posting too many pictures of him on her own account. In the beginning, it only reached a following of about 30,000, but the number skyrocketed when they adopted Baloo.

The internet sensations love taking naps together and are often pictured doing that. (Source: Instagram)

Baloo is often carried around in a backpack on the couple’s hikes. (Source: Instagram)

The couple moved to Colorado to pursue their love of mountaineering and hiking. (Source: Instagram)

Cynthia and Andre met in Boston but are from New Hampshire and Texas. (Source: Instagram)

Baloo joined their family when the couple felt that Henry was miserable when he was alone at home without them. They spent some time looking for the right companion for their adorable dog and finally adopted Baloo, who is also a rescue animal.

The two instantly got along and now share an incredible and unlikely friendship that many adore.

The pet owners always knew that city life was not for them as they both love and enjoy the outdoors and nature. (Source: Instagram)

Henry and Baloo in dinosaur costumes. (Source: Instagram)

The cat quickly likened up to the the nomadic lifestyle the couple leads and is often pictured being carried in a rucksack through the mountains.

Andre works in finance, but following the social media popularity of their pets, Cynthia has decreased her professional event marketing work and started focusing more on maintaining their accounts.

Siesta time for the furry friends. (Source: Instagram)

This also gives her an opportunity to travel more, take time off, and take photographs – an activity that is her passion. Although not as financially stable a career, she loves being able to do what she wants with her time.

Both the pets now enjoy spending time outdoors as much as their owners do. (Source: Instagram)

The endearing bond that the two companions share is unique and surprising, and certainly worth following. Check out more from their account here.


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