Giraffe smashes car window while couple were inside the car
A cheeky giraffe got his head in a twist when greed got the best of him. The animal put his head inside a couple's car window at a safari park, reaching for food. He became trapped in the glass when the window smashes on his head.

A curious giraffe got his head in a twist after he put his head inside a couple’s car window at a safari park, reaching for food. The animal got trapped in the glass as the window rolled up and smashed on his head. 

The car window smashed over giraffe’s head at a safari park. (Image source: YouTube)

It’s surprising that the car window shattered so easily. (Image source: Getty Images)

The incident took place at West Midlands Safari and Leisure Park in Worcestershire, England. The couple in the car were surprised when a giraffe started reaching into their car.

The animal, named Strider, was curious about a container of food in the car. The couple quickly started rolling up their car’s window, which subsequently shattered into pieces over the poor animal’s head. The video was filmed by onlookers watching from another car.

He doesn’t take life too seriously, sticking out his tongue. (Image source: Getty Images)

The car window smashed into pieces when the young woman started rolling it up. (Image source: YouTube).

The couple laughed, amused at first by the funny gesture. (Image source: YouTube).

The animal appeared to be getting at food in the car. (Image source: YouTube).

In the video footage, it is clear that the couple were laughing and enjoying Strider’s actions with amusement at first but then became uncomfortable. The situation escalated when the window smashed on his head and they quickly became concerned about his safety. The giraffe could have been seriously harmed by their inconsiderate actions.


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Enjoying the sunset, a giraffe frolics in the fields. (Image source: Getty Images)

Looking straight at the photographer, the long-necked animal poses for the camera. (Image source: Getty Images)

The Park allows visitors to feed animals during their drive-through safari, as long as the person giving the food keeps their hand outside the car. Visitors are also allowed to keep their car windows half rolled down, in some parts of the safari.

Smashed car window. (Image source: Getty Images)

(Image source: Pixabay)

The Safari Park staff confirmed that the animal was not injured from the glass. Moreover, they have started an investigation regarding the accident. The passenger in the car suffered minor cuts due to the window glass entering the car.

A friendly animal by nature, he was looking for a quick bite to eat. (Image source: Getty Images)

The animal could have been seriously injured by the couple’s foolishness (Image source: Pixabay)

People were quick to point out that the couple should not have closed the car window as it was dangerous for the animal and clearly not built for that amount of stress; shattering under the pressure.

People are outraged over the couple’s insensitive action. (Image source: Pixabay)

The passengers panicked and did not think much before making their move but no one has cut them any slack. Comments under the video also called them out for their ‘idiotic’ move.

(Image source: YouTube)

One person pointed out that the giraffe was the victim in the incident, his comment was liked by 378 people.

(Image source: YouTube)

(Image source: YouTube)

The video now has over 250,000 views on YouTube, watch for yourself below:

We are glad Strider is safe and all safari visitors should consider this incident as a safety warning for future visits.


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