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A Cat Named Chó: This Vietnamese Cat Sells Fish In The Most Adorable Attire!

by Hafsah Haq

This 3-year-old Vietnamese cat is a fish vendor who has taken the internet by storm with his adorable pictures. 


Dog the cat stands firmly in the most adorable costume – ready to sell some fish. (Source: Instagram)

The cutest fish vendor, Dog, is not only just a cat, but a fancy-dressed cat, who accompanies his owner at a fish market.


Ahoy, matey! Time for Hook to move aside and make way for Dog. (Source: Instagram)

Dog’s original name is Chó which, when translated in English, means ‘dog’. Chó’s owner, Lê Quốc Phong, named him Dog after watching him pant like one when he adopted the Scottish fold.


Dog rocking it out like a true musician. Can’t wait for his album. (Source: Instagram)

The 25-year-old decided to share Chó’s adventures on Instagram.


Dog’s swag is undisputed. So should we say ‘Dawg” now? (Source: Instagram)

Chó quickly acquired fame on not only Instagram but also on Facebook, with around 65k followers. He is is giving some tough competition to the cats of the internet!


We have to say. Dog’s fashion sense is better than most of us. (Source: Instagram)

The adorable fish vendor has also managed to become one of the many popular cats alongside Grumpy Cat and the recent cutie, Luhu. In all honesty, we can understand why.


‘Stop! My cuteness commands you!” (Source: Instagram)

Phong has confessed that in order to let people learn more of his country, his goal is to make Chó famous in Vietnam and worldwide. It is quite a noble aim that has been placed on Chó’s adorable self, which he manages quite well with all the attention he gets.


Dog just LOVES the attention from his fans. (Source: Instagram)

Chó has become a popular attraction at the Hai Phong market and has gained the love and respect of all the fish vendors present there. His Instagram fans and several passers-by stop in their tracks to notice Chó to take a selfie with him.


If you’re a passerby, you cannot resist pausing to take a picture of Dog. (Source: Instagram)


Krypto, your days as the Superdog are now over. Now we have Super Dog! (Source: Instagram)

His appeal gets multiplied by 10 when Phong dresses him up in adorable outfits! As his instagram followers keep rising, his purrr-fect photos are being highly appraised by many.


Well, we never knew Minnie Mouse was a cat named Dog. (Source: Instagram)

You can follow Chó’s instagram account here.

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