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Just Fashion Now (UK)
Style With These Everyday Sassy Looks In Less Than $25

We always want to look good. We have gathered for you some worthy everyday products within $25 to make you look chic without going hard on your bank account

Female powerlifter Leana Carr punches guy who sexually harassed her

Leana Carr has proven she has a powerful voice as well as body. The American female powerlifter uploaded a tweet that went viral recently. She claimed shed been harassed by a man during her time in Dublin and she’d gotten her back, by punching him right in the face!

McDonald's Flips Its Logo Upside Down for International Women's Day

The iconic Golden Arches of McDonald’s have flipped upside down in respect for women on this year's International Women's Day. The famous 'M' logo was changed to 'W' not only in signs but also on all social media accounts of the food chain!