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Just Fashion Now (UK)
Polar Bear
First Polar Bear Cub Born in UK in 25 Years Makes First Appearance

The first polar bear to be born in Britain for a quarter of a century took its first public steps yesterday, on the 20th of March. The first photos of the adorable cub have now been released!

4 Million Days are Lost Every Year Due to Unauthorized School Holidays

2015-2016 figures from the UK Department of Education show that almost four million collective days are lost every year when parents take their children away during term-time for unauthorized holidays.

Married at First Sight Ben and Stephanie Decide to Call It Quits!

Channel 4's 'Married at First Sight' couple Ben and Stephanie have decided to call it quits after months of trying to make it work. They first met at the altar and have not been able to get along since.

uk school
UK School Removes Front Wall of Girls' Bathroom, Enrages Parents!

A school in the UK has decided to remove the front walls of the girls' bathroom to curb bullying, smoking and bunking. Parents are furious, since this exposes the bathrooms to a corridor, classrooms and even CCTV cameras!

Asian Woman Denied Table at Popular Restaurant Because of Her Race

Two Asian friends recently fell victim to racism after being denied entry to a Côte Brasserie in the UK. Fatima and Nasar recently appeared on BBC to talk about the incident, saying they were 'looked up and down' before being denied a table.

Football League
Real Life
MAN v FAT: The Football League for Plus-Size Men in the UK

The football league, MAN v FAT was formed to provide plus-size men with opportunities to outshine their talent in the field and shed down a few pounds.

UK Zoo Puts Animals On the Pill to Prevent Breeding

The Paignton Zoo in the UK has been forced to put its mammals on contraceptive pills because they are running out of space. However, they also can't afford to go for a permanent contraceptive.