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Just Fashion Now (UK)
Anonymous Reddit User Claims to Be Behind Austin Bombing Attacks

An anonymous Reddit user by the name of ‘austinbomber’ has been making waves and causing panic state-wide. The user has owned up to being the Austin serial bomber. He or she wrote a series of posts on Reddit claiming they were behind the explosions.

Real Life
Elderly Widower Eats Alone on Valentine’s Day in Heartbreaking Photo!

A woman dining in a restaurant in Texas has captured the heartbreaking photo of an elderly widower sitting by himself on Valentine's Day, across from an urn containing his late wife's ashes, on a table set for two.

Selena Gomez
Justin Theroux flirts with Selena Gomez over text messages

Selena Gomez and Justin Theroux might just be falling for each other. Just two months after Justin Theroux's split from Jennifer Aniston, the actor and film producer is rumored to be exchanging flirty texts with Selena Gomez. 

Stormi's Meet and Greet
Travis Scott Spends $7,145 on Flowers For Stormi's Meet and Greet!

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner took their baby girl, Stormi Webster, to meet the rapper's family in Texas on Friday. Stormi's meet and greet was adorned with gorgeous flowers, which reportedly costed Scott almost $7,145.