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Just Fashion Now (UK)
Killer Forces Girl to Watch as He Stabs Her Boyfriend to Death

A murderer forced an 18-year-old girl to kneel and watch as he stabbed her boyfriend to death before he killed her by slitting her throat too. The 41-year-old Jerrod Baum threw the bodies of the two teenagers into an abandoned mine shaft near Eureka.

19-year-Old Rapes Girl While She Dies of a Drug Overdose

In a horrific story from Washington, 19-year-old Varela raped Alyssa while she overdosed on drugs, then left her to die and went to sleep because he was too tired!

US News
Teenager drowns in bathtub after her hair clogs up the drain

A 17 year old girl has died in a strange accident in Pennsylvania. Brianne ‘Bri’ Marie Rapp was getting ready to go to school and stepped in the bathroom to take a shower. A little while later, her mother found her dead inside the bathtub, her hair clogging up the drain.

'Miracle Boy', 14, Rescued Alive 13 Hours After Falling Into Sewer Pipe

A 13-year old boy was found alive after falling down a Los Angeles drain pipe and spending 12 hours in sewage. His rescue through the city's toxic and maze-like sub-ground sewer system was nothing short of miraculous.

Real Life
Teen Hangs Herself After Accidentally Sending a Snapchat to Boyfriend

17-year-old Charlotte hanged herself after accidentally confessing to her boyfriend of cheating on him via Snapchat. Charlotte had meant to send the message to a friend of hers!

student sells virginity
Real Life
19-year-old student sells her virginity online to fund studies

A 19-year-old student, Alice Hayson, has decided to sell her virginity online, using her own bidding website. The European student, who is also a part-time model, wants to use the money to further her studies and start her own business.

Teen Model
Teen Model is Selling Her Virginity to Support Herself and Her Family!

Nicole, 18-year-old teen model, is auctioning off her virginity on the Elite Model VIP website. Her current bid is over a whopping $1 million. With the money, Nicole wants to help her family and go to Cambridge!

Real Life
Teen hurts herself after accidentally sending Snapchat to boyfriend

Parents need to educate their children about modern day relationships, and how they affect one's mental health. One example of this was Charlotte, who accidentally sent a Snapchat message to her boyfriend, confessing she had cheated on him.

'13 Reasons Why' Inspired Suicide Prank Proves Fatal for Teenager

Lily Mae Sharp was a happy 13 year old who decided to take her own life due to mysterious and unknown reasons. However, he teenager filmed a prank video based on Netflix's '13 Reasons Why', a day before she actually took her life.