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Just Fashion Now (UK)
Elvis Presley Took His Own Life and Left Suicide Notes, Claims Ex-Wife

The undisputed king of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley, took his own life, his ex-wife has revealed.  The singer, who was thought to have died because of a drug-related heart attack, actually committed suicide and left suicide notes, Priscilla claims. 

Medical Student Commits Suicide After Social Media Prank By Friends

22-year-old Edward Senior, also known as Ted, was a talented medical student. He tragically took away his life after his friends played a social media prank on him, embarrassing him in front of the entire university.

Logan Paul Jokes About Suicide Yet AGAIN in an Insensitive Tweet

In a new tweet about the Tide Pod Challenege, Logan Paul has come under fire again, with fans claiming he is joking about suicide again and has failed to learn from his mistakes.