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Stephen King
Stephen King
Stranger Things season 3 made Stephen King fall off his chair

Stranger Things season 3 made horror novelist, Stephen King fall off his chair. King is a huge fan of the television series.

Stephen King praises new horror flick, 'A Quiet Place'

Stephen King is our authority for everything horror. He’s been anointed Master of the Frightening, the true King of Scares. And he’s endorsing John Krasinski’s new horror flick, A Quiet Place. Cue a lot of gleeful weeping from the tall actor/director.

Florida Shooter
Celebrities React to the Florida Shooting and Gun Control Laws in America

On 4th of February, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz opened fire in Majory Stoneman Douglas High School , leaving 17 people dead. Several celebrities have since reacted to the incident, also discussing gun laws in America.