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Mother Accidentally Sends Son to School With Explicit T-Shirt
The mom from Texas accidentally sent her son to school without knowing there was a very rude message on his shirt! Mortified when she found out, she apologized on Facebook with an adorable video of her naive son.
Peter Wang
Florida Shooting: Heroic Teenager Sacrificed His Life to Save Classmates
Peter Wang, 15, displayed immense courage during the Florida shooting as he held the door open long enough to buy time for his classmates to escape. In doing so, he was shot, leading to his unfortunate death.
Schoolgirl Suspended After Reporting Gang Rape to School Authorities
An intellectually disabled girl was punished by a school in Brooklyn when she revealed to the authorities that she was gang-raped by 7 male students. School authorities believed the sexual acts were consensual and suspended the victim.
Real Life
UK School Sparks Outrage with Strange New Rule Regarding Fingersnails!
A UK based school, Rawlett, has introduced some new guidelines for students concerning the length of their fingernails. We understand not having longer nails, but this is not even practical!