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Samantha Markle
Samantha Markle
Samantha Markle calls out Meghan Markle and takes back her Christmas greetings
Samantha Markle vented on twitter about the attitude of Meghan Markle towards their father. She took back her Christmas greetings.
Samantha Markle
Samantha Markle is looking to make amends with her sister Meghan Markle
Samantha Markle, who has often voiced her resentment towards the Royal Family, wants to make amends now that Meghan Markle has announced her first pregnancy.
Meghan Markle's father
Meghan Markle's father will not be attending The Royal Wedding
Meghan Markle's father Thomas Markle will not be attending his daughter's Royal Wedding, he told TMZ on Monday. The father of the bride-to-be wants to avoid embarrassing his daughter and the royal family after reports have surfaced that he staged paparazzi photos, in which he was preparing himself for the wedding.