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Rachel McAdams
Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne opens up about her new 'wild child' image
Bella Thorne has walked down the stereotypical path most Disney child stars do: she went from Disney darling to crazy wild child in a span of years. And she recently decided to talk about how that happened!
Rachel McAdams
Mean Girls actress, Rachel McAdams gives birth to cute baby boy!
After being away from the public eye, Rachel McAdams has finally revealed the reason for her absence by giving birth to a baby boy. Boyfriend Jaimie Linden and McAdams were expecting their first child and kept the pregnancy and birth low key.
Real Life
The Couple which Brought "The Notebook" to Life Passed Away Together
A real-life 'The Notebook' couple passed away last Monday, sharing the same story as the Gosling-McAdams plot of the movie. Their devotion resonated with Allie and Noah's eternal love in The Notebook.