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Missing University Student Found Raped and Murdered in Pakistan
A university student from Faisalabad, Pakistan was found raped and murdered, three days after she had gone missing. Her body was discovered in Dijkot, Faisalabad District, on Wednesday.
Shocking Case of 'Revenge Rape' Unearthed In Pakistan
In a shocking case of 'revenge rape' in Pakistan, a rapist was released after he agreed for his own sister to be raped by his victim's brother. 
Kasur Rape Case
Kasur Rape Case: 7-Year-Old Girl Abducted, Raped and Dumped in Trash
Zainab, 7, was abducted from Kasur 5 days ago, and found in the trash yesterday, raped and murdered. This is reportedly the twelfth rape and murder case from Kasur; police fails to find leads yet again.