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President Trump
Alice Johnson
US News
Alice Johnson says it is 'very unfair' to criticize Trump for pardoning her
During an interview with Kim Kardashian, Alice Johnson said criticism that President Trump granted her clemency only for political gain is 'very unfair'.
Donald Trump
US News
President Trump celebrated his 72nd birthday before meeting Kim Jong-un
Before the historic meeting of President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un, his hosts found time to celebrate the POTUS' 72nd birthday.
Kim Kardashian
US News
Alice Marie Johnson finally reunites with family after Kim's efforts
63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson was seen joyously reuniting with her family on Wednesday after her sentence was ‘commuted’ by President Donald Trump. The overwrought woman was greeted with bouquets of roses and tearful family members whom she hugged again and again.