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Physical Abuse
Real Life
Man mercilessly beats granddaughter who tried to stop him queue-jumping
A video has surfaced on social media, showing an elderly man beating his granddaughter for stopping him from cutting a line at a bubble tea shop in China. He slapped her, then dragged her outside, while shouting obscenities at her.
Father Finds Out About His 3-Year-Old Girl's Murder Through Facebook
The father of a three-year old girl found out about his daughter's death through a relative's post on Facebook. The little girl, Bella Edwards, was abused and murdered by her step-father.
Kesha Brings Crowd to Tears With Rendition of Song 'Prayin' at Grammy's
Kesha gave an extremely emotional performance in support of the 'Time's Up' movement at the Grammy Awards 2018. The star sang her song, 'Prayin', directing it as her former producer and sexual assaulter, Dr. Luke.