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Paternity Test
Tyga Isn't Stormi's Dad, Kylie's Paternity Test Reveals!
There’s a few things you have to know about Kylie’s baby girl, Stormi Webster. One, that she’s super adorable. Two, she already has a lifestyle most adult people envy. And three, that she’s definitely not rapper Tyga’s waylaid offspring. No matter what he says.
Travis Scott
Daddy Travis Scott Talks About Daughter Stormi Webster for the First Time
Daddy Travis Scott has given his very first public comment about his baby girl, Stormi Webster. He was halted by paparazzi as he left a nightclub and, for the first time, he agreed to speak about his baby girl!
Travis Scott is Angry Over Tyga's Text Message to Kylie Jenner!
Rumor has it Travis Scott did not appreciate Tyga's congratulatory message to his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. He has asked him to stay away from his baby!