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New York
Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid's Phone Case Has Zayn Malik's Name Printed On It!
It's no surprise to the world that Gigi Hadid is completely in love with her boyfriend Zayn Malik. But did you know that Gigi's phone is a subtle but adorable expression of her love for Zayn?!
trump tower fire
Trump Tower Fire Leaves One Resident Dead, Six Firefighters Injured
On Saturday evening, April 7, a fire broke out in an apartment on the 50th floor of Trump Tower, New York, leaving one person dead and six firefighters injured, according to the Fire Department of New York.
Schoolgirl Suspended After Reporting Gang Rape to School Authorities
An intellectually disabled girl was punished by a school in Brooklyn when she revealed to the authorities that she was gang-raped by 7 male students. School authorities believed the sexual acts were consensual and suspended the victim.