Just Fashion Now (UK)
Logan Paul announces he is going gay for the month

Logan Paul is making controversial headlines again after saying he plans to go gay this month, just months after visiting Japan's suicide forest. 

Japanese cosplayer shocks the internet with her sculpted thighs

Japanese pro-wrestler and cosplayer Reika Saiki is all about proving that the authenticity of the art is not just about the costumes, but also about the physical effort put into looking the part. Specifically, the effort put into sculpting one's thighs.

Kim Kardashian Bashes Haters Who Accused Her of Wearing a Wig

Kim Kardashian West clapped back at haters who accused her for lying about wearing a wig. She clarified that she really dyed her hair pink, in new Snachat video. She can also be seen tugging at her hair to prove it's real.